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Hyouka: Part 1 - Trailer. All the Anime
Music: Octavia (Spor Cover) / [Parody Park] One Hoof Closer / Back In The Da
2026, Sword Art: Origin, a new VRMMORPG has emerged. Kirito meets a mysterious NPC and receives a cryptic message.
Story: The Nightwatch - Monsters of Everfree (Update Complete!)
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Tangled The Series Episode 2 Rapunzel's Enemy Part 10
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Starlight Glimmer gave me this hour to try out my new stand-up routine, because all forms of art are equal. I've been practicing. I'll also explain the joke ...
... and many artists creating in the anime style don't watch anime or read manga, but create their art in this style purely from the love of it.
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Nightly Roundup #1250
my hand slipped commission
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Final days mean final celebrations, and final giveaways should live up to the hype. 4DE, Enterplay, and Diamond Select agree, so they've joined forces to ...
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Did somepony go a little overboard yet again on April 1st? They should really keep him on a leash. If you want to remember what not to do for April Fools, ...
The MLP Manga has been out for a couple months now, but it can sometimes be hard to get your hands on things sold in other countries.
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The very last and final day of this installment of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds! We've brought you here from all levels of talent and walks ...
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Story Updates October 20 (Morning)
Top 15 anime có main "không cảm xúc"!
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More Derpy Crazyness on Tabitha's Website
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Story: A Rose Reverie
Early Morning Discussion #64
Drawfriend Stuff #243
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I wonder if we will get a canon appearance for AJ's parents? Even if they aren't around anymore it would be nice to know what they look like.
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Nightly Discussion #489
Porter Robinsons “Shelter” animated music video is out!
Comic: Something About Derpy
Drawfriend Stuff #221
Smile! Charity Ends at 26,000 Dollars
Humor gráfico: The scream
Yamada Ichiro Aohitsugi Samatoki IchiSama SamaIchi Hypnosis Mic HypeMic my art The Dirty Dwang Buster Bros Mad Triger Crew Hypnosis Microphone
Drawfriend Stuff #383
Spotlight Music: Flutterwonder (Acoustic Cover) / Run Away
Found on https://www.facebook.com/That70sPage?fref=photo
PMV: Scootaloo IS the Super Chicken / All_Your_Internetz_Are_Belong_To_Pony.wmv / Ponies
Sword Art Online「AMV」Will I make it out alive
Panther Like A Panther by ParisAlleyne
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So that is how Celestia practices without Luna around! What a nice guy Big Mac is to play a few rounds of games with the princess to help improve her gaming ...
Humor gráfico: Sickened but curious
Humor gráfico: Choose
Doctor Whooves and Assistant Episode 5
Chicos, la violencia nunca es la respuesta. - U doesn-t no da wae.
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Video: Meet Pinkamena
Getting the Word Out - A Fan Voice for Lyra
Animations: Bouncing Pinkie Pie / Pinkie Shows you How It's Done for 1:23
Muffins and Bubbles
Things Fluttershy Won't Say / Hop Skip Jump / Scary Movies
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The plushie and art communities are tight over on Deviant Art. When one of their own is in peril, they do everything they can to help out.
Nightly Roundup #232
Story Updates February 3rd (Evening)
Story Updates October 20th (Evening)
I suppose it was inevitable that this meme would be migrated over to pony. Storm Analysis has a new one based on that Peppa Pig thing that has been floating ...
Slumber Party Equestria Girls Set at Toys R' Us
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PMV: Twilight Sparkle's Gone Flanders // Ponies Want Your Soul // Fan Animation: Twilight to the Rescue
Royal Wedding Website Launches
Humor gráfico: Hobbies
Humor gráficos: European memes
Story: A Heart of Stone (Update Part Complete)
Nightly Roundup #154
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Comic: Cupcakes and Milkshakes (Madmax)
Three more comics for you all to peruse this time around! Battlefield, Hobbits, and Doctor Whooves. Enjoy!
The Friendship Express puzzle game has been updated with yet another new clip! This one clocks in at a whopping two minutes long. You can either go play the ...
SFM: Making My Way Down the Milky Way
HC where Jakurai's hair isn't highlighted to begin with, and it was Ramuda who did it
Comic: Ponies Play Battlefield 3 / Hobbit Logic / Doctor Whoof - The Sands of Time
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Humor gráfico: A little brother
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Drawfriend Stuff #323
Season Two All Episodes at Once
Slumber Party Equestria Girls Set at Toys R' Us
Remember that crazy Fiends from Dream Valley game that was floating around a while back? Well, it finally has a demo out! The general gameplay idea is to ...
Story Updates February 3rd (Morning)
Time for a whole bunch of random pony merch! First off is another one of those huge coloring books found in the Ukraine. All of the pages can be found after ...